Want To Study Abroad – How to Apply to Foreign University?

Applying to a foreign university/college is most of the time is seeming to difficult task for a student who wants to study abroad, but it is usually not so difficult. Here we will look at it step by step.

  • What is the procedure to apply?
  • How many schools should I apply for?
  • Where do I apply?
  • What are the requirements to get accepted to a university abroad?
  • What documents do I need to submit when I apply?
  • Can ‘Brainerrs Overseas Admissions’ help me with the application?

Procedure to Apply to University Abroad:

The thump rule here is the sooner you start the better options you get. Applying early simply means, you have a stronger and positive chance of arranging everything (things which are required to support the admission process) on time, and this leads you to be able to apply for another school if you are not accepted. Moreover, applying early also give you greater chances of getting a scholarship.

Universities with high-rank often have a deadline to apply for admission which varies from 6 Months to 1 year before the start of the course. The University of Oxford in England, for example, has their deadline to apply for admission is in October for the programs that start in October the following year. Although, most of the universities often have their deadlines approximately six months before the start of the course whereas smaller colleges or institutes and universities with low-rank usually take applications up to a month or two before the course starts. However, you should not forget the thump rule which is the best and says it has always been better to apply as early as possible, so you have enough time to submit a complete application and most importantly get a student visa on time.

At Brainerrs Overseas Admissions we take the full charge and responsibility from getting you admit in your foreign university until you get your student visa and departure.

In case you choose long duration course in Japan or USA you should apply close to half a year prior the starting of the course to get your student visa on time.

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How many universities/colleges should I apply?

As per the abroad admission advisers at Brainerrs Overseas Admissions, instead of focusing on number of schools to apply students rather focus on making good choices or make just one good application than many bad ones. Most of the times you can get a reply within a month, so again it is the same rule of thumb – you apply as early as possible and have greater chances of getting accepted by the university of your choice.

For the universities with low-rank, colleges and language schools it is no hard thing to get accepted so applying to one school is usually enough, but if you apply for high-ranking universities, it will be harder. Then you might apply for a couple at the same time.

Where do I apply?

Before going ahead with abroad admission process you should either have clarity on the online procedure or you can directly contact us we will take care of all things with assurance of admission confirmation and visa approval. In case you thing you should be doing all the things on your own then you must know that the applications are usually made online on the university’s website. In the UK most university applications are made online through UCAS.

We at Brainerrs Overseas Admissions and/or our partners (some of the industry leaders) can help you with the application to many language schools and universities abroad. Contact us for more detail and book your free counseling session with our best in class admission and education advisers.

What are the requirements to get accepted to a university abroad?

Answering to this very common question is quit impossible. As each universities and course has its own admission requirement which you can look up on the respective university/college website or you can simply approach us.

In case you want to apply for an undergraduate course, you need to have pass certificate with minimum 60% marks (some universities/colleges accept below 60% marks obtained also) in high school, and you will need to qualified language aptitude test like IELTS etc. If you want to study at Master’s level you need to have an undergraduate degree and your work experience certificates (if you have any). As far as language requirement is concerned then it is on the higher side as you will be dealing with a more complex academic language. Contact us if you want to gain more knowledge about the requirements to get accepted to a university abroad.

However, you can still get the admission in most of the universities of abroad even if you have bad grades in your high school or under graduation degree. Contact us if you really want to study abroad.

What documents do I need to submit when I apply?

Required documents to submit vary from country to country and school to school. Entire documents requirement information you can find under admission requirements on the school’s website. If we talk about the common documents which are required to process the admission then below is the list:

  1. The school’s application form – This usually consists of simple questions like personal details and details about the program that you are applying for. Read it carefully and fill out all the required fields. Do not forget to sign it.
  2. Your certificates from high school and college – These documents must be translated into English. Some schools even require that your high school or translator send the grades directly to them.
  3. A copy of your passport so that the school can issue a visa letter – To some countries, for example Japan, you might also need to send copies of entry stamps and visas from previous visits.
  4. Proof that you meet the school’s English language requirements – In the U.S. the TOEFL test is usually requested while English and Australian universities prefer an IELTS exam. However, most universities approve both of these tests and many also accept the Cambridge exam. The scores required for entry depend on the school and program that you are applying for.
  5. Standardized Tests – If you are applying for degree programs in the US and some other countries you might need to take a standardized test such as SAT for undergraduate level and GMAT or GRE for Master programs.
  6. A financial statement to show that you can pay for your studies and living expenses – You will need a bank statement in English. It should preferably be a letter written by the bank that states how big your assets are and how much it corresponds to in the school’s currency. The letter must be signed and stamped by the bank. Read the school’s instructions for more information about what amounts you need and how it should be documented.

Can Brainerrs Overseas Admissions help me with the application?

Yes, Brainerrs Overseas Admissions indeed would be the best if you are serious about studying abroad as we have been helping students in getting admission in foreign schools and so far we have got over 900 students admitted in overseas schools.

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