With the growing Hospitality/Tourism industry there has been a sharp inclination for the demand of Hotel Management professionals. From the past 5 years the industry has seen a favorable growing digit of market share which subsequently invites laundry list of opportunities for bright career options in the Hospitality sector. According to the facts and figures experts also suggest more growth in the Hospitality/Tourism sector down the line 5 years.

Some Glimpse of International Hotel Management Diploma and Degree offered by us

  • International exposure in Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, France, Emirates etc.
  • 10+2 is the prior qualification required.
  • 2 years Diploma which promises 1 year international internship with handsome stipend.
  • After completion the guarantee for candidate placement outside India.
  • Course approved by OFQUAL-UK.
  • We also prepare candidates for IELTS with sure success.
  • Scholarship can be applied if the candidate fulfills certain terms and conditions.

For Admission in International Diploma/Degree in Hotel Management call us at 8937003348 or fill an enquiry form. Enquire Now. Limited Seats!

Why OTHM Qualifications?

About OTHM: OTHM is a UK based awarded organization regulated by OFQUAL (Office of the qualifications and examinations regulation) and recognized by Qualification Wales.

  1. International Internship – After successful completion of othm Diploma, student will get international internship from various countries like MAlaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, China and many more.
  2. Credit Transfers – In case the student after completion of the program wants to go out of India for higher studies on the basis of OTHM diploma, he/she will be eligible to direct admission to 2nd year in some of the universities of UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.
  3. Dual Certification – As a student is pursuing international diploma from OTHM UK along with diploma from institute or any university, the student will get two diplomas and international internship certificate which will be helpful for them to get the Job in the market.
  4. Learn International Languages – When the student will start an OTHM diploma, he/she will learn various languages such as German, French, English, Chinese etc. This will enable the student to work globally.
  5. Global Recognition – OTHM diploma is affiliated to OFQUAL-UK, is recognized all over the world.
  6. Earn and Learn – You will start earning during internship, while you are learning.

Features of OTHM:

  • Scholarships on the basis of 80% attendance.
  • Grooming Classes
  • Well equipped computer lab.
  • Wifi Campus
  • Seminar Guest lectures by highly expert personalities.
  • No extra hidden cost
  • Interview practice by experts
  • Hostel Facility
Pre-Lunch Session Post-Lunch Session
Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3 Lecture-4 Lecture-5 Lecture-6 Lecture-7
Academics Academics Academics Academics English Classess in all Semesters Library Seminar & Presentation GD, PD, Grooming computer classess Foreign Language
Pre-Lunch Session
Lecture-1 Lecture-2 Lecture-3 Lecture-4
Academics Academics Academics Academics
Post-Lunch Session
Lecture-5 Lecture-6 Lecture-7
English Classess in all Semesters Library Seminar & Presentation GD, PD, Grooming computer classess Foreign Language

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